October 4th, Thornton Masters will begin all practices at the new Adams 12 Natatorium – Veteran’s Memorial Aquatics Center (VMAC).  Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers.

–          When will practices be?

o    Monday, Wednesday, & Friday Mornings at 5:30 – 7:00 AM

o    Tuesday & Thursday Evenings at 8:00 – 9:30 PM

–          What will the costs be?

o A punch card or individual pass is required to swim at the new pool. You must purchase at the Carpenter Rec Center, NOT the new pool.

o    20 Visit Punch Cards – Adults, 18 to 61 years: $56 (20 visits x $3.50 = $70 – 20% discount)  & Seniors 62+: $32 (20 visits x $2 = $40 – 20% discount)

o    10 Visit Punch Cards – Adults: $31.50 (10 visits x $3.50 = $35 – 10% discount) & Seniors: $18 (10 visits x $2 = $20 – 10% discount)

o    Single Day Pass – $3.50

–          Will punch cards be good at both facilities?

o    No.  You will need a membership or Thornton punch card to go to the rec center and a Master’s punch card to go to the new aquatic center.

–          What If I only swim masters but have a Rec Center annual membership or punch card.  Can I get reimbursed?

o    Thornton will allow your membership to be cancelled and refunded if you wish.

o    Rec Center punch cards can be transferred to a master’s punch card or refunded.

–          Is there different prices for residents and non-residents?

o    No.

–          Where can the master’s punch cards be purchased?

o    At the Carpenter Rec Center on Colorado & 112th.

–          What is the new pool like?

o    It is a 50 meter by 25 yard pool with twin bulkheads.  It’s standard configuration will allow us to swim in the middle section, 25 YDS, 7’ deep the entire length.  The pool is designed with flush gutters, meaning that the water level is at the same level of the deck.  No more high walls to climb when getting out!

–          What will the water temperature be?

o    They are going to keep it between 78-80 degrees, comfortable for working out without the shock of most competition pools kept at 76-77.

–          Will we be able to swim 50 meters?

o    We will be able to arrange that periodically.  Long course season is May – August, so that would be when it is most beneficial.

–              How many lanes will we have?

o    We will have 5 lanes to start. Depending on average attendance, that

could go up or down.

–     Do we need to bring our gear bag each time?

o    As of now, there is not a place to store your bag (fins, paddles, etc.), so

bring them with you each practice.  Kickboards and pull buoys will be

provided at the new pool.

–     Is the move permanent?

o    Yes and no.  After moving there, we will see if it a good fit.  If not, we may have an option of moving some or all practices back to the rec center in January.

–          Is there a hot tub?

o    Sadly, no.

–    Will we be able to host meets?

o    Yes!  The seating area holds 800 people and the timing system in integrated right into the deck and walls.  We can host meets, and maybe even try to host state!